The time for traditional telephone systems is over

A modern communication solution requires flexibility and opportunities to integrate different information systems and features to improve customer service.

In this time of unlimited integration and innovation, the basic features of the system are often overlooked. Our high-quality systems are excellent in terms of sound quality and reassurance. Decades of experience in the telecommunications industry sets DigiCenter apart from most of our competitors.

Although the communication packages we provide provide features where imagination often limits more than technology, the most important thing is to take into account the ease of use and sound quality of the system.

Even the finest feature you can’t use is useless. In all our products, we have invested in ease of use, and our system deliveries always include two-part user training.

With our remote work solutions, you have the opportunity to work anywhere while keeping the best tools from the office at your disposal wherever you are.

How much is your client worth? With our solutions, we also ensure that even when the internet connection is lost, work can continue without interruption. Customer calls are also delivered thanks to back-up routing. Thanks to our callback service, your customers will be taken into account even if the human resources are not sufficient in every situation. In this case, you will get more time for customer service and your customer will not have to queue to receive the service.

A modern communication solution requires:

  • Flexibility
  • Opportunities to integrate different information systems
  • Features to improve customer service
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Excellent sound quality
  • User training
    – Even the finest feature that cannot be used is useless
    – our system deliveries always include two-part user training
  • Remote work solution
    – the best tools you have at your office always with you wherever you are
  • Backup routing:
    – If the internet connection is lost, work can continue without interruptions
    – Customer calls are always delivered thanks to the back-up route

Examples of modern system features

  • Callback requests
  • Video calls
  • Conference room solutions
  • Recording calls
  • Browser phones for website
  • Instant messaging and email integration

Examples of system integrations

  • Mobile phones
  • DC-Service Platform
  • Outlook
  • CRM
  • Home page