Corporate network solutions are a power source for business success

New business and working life requirements, the increasing use of cloud computing and new online technologies increasingly require adapting and optimising the corporate network. We invest in the quality and speed of connections. DigiCenter Oy designs and implements online solutions with over 30 years of experience.

With DigiCenter’s corporate network solution, you ensure that information moves efficiently, operationally and securely to your desired destinations, whether it’s a comprehensive corporate network, wireless LAN, or another network solution. For example, a corporate network can be used to connect local area networks of different locations into a closed, secure network. This way, LAN services are available everywhere. Our firewall service ensures managed routes to the Internet, cloud services and other external systems.

The quality of your corporate network determines the smoothness of your business. Your employees have access to your company’s internal systems and cloud services safely and smoothly. Comprehensive remote work solutions also enable complete work from home or, for example, from a hotel room. A well-functioning corporate network promotes well-being at work and is the cornerstone of an efficient working day. Connections must work in such a way that they are not even noticeable in the everyday life of work. You should always invest in a high-quality network when you want the company to succeed.

DigiCenter’s reliable and fast experts build a corporate network solution that suits your company’s needs. As an expert in information networks, we ensure that you can focus on your business in peace. DigiCenter’s corporate network solution scales according to your company’s needs.

Easily get a secure, cost-effective and secure corporate network solution from DigiCenter.

DigiCenter’s Corporate Network Solutions


  • firewalls
  • switches
  • routers


  • connecting locations
  • connecting remote users to corporate information systems


  • locations into a single local area network
  • data center as part of the company’s local area network

Backup connections

  • 4G backup connection with the same public IP addresses

speeds from 1 to 1000MB

Fiber, Ethernet