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DigiCenter Oy designs and implements wlan solutions from the network of one base station to the networks of dozens of base stations with over 15 years of experience.

The importance of wireless networks is growing rapidly in small and large companies in all industries. The functionality and quality of your wireless network determines the smoothness of your business.
On a wireless network that covers all the necessary places of use, the flexibility and comfort of placing devices is incomparable. Cables and cables are not required to connect. A secure wireless network has limitations on who can access the network. Different levels of security methods are available.

Note that a single wireless network (WLAN) of a conventional LAN router may not have sufficient range even for all corners of a single building, let alone several buildings. There are different ways to increase the range.

Your employees have access to your company’s internal systems and cloud services safely and smoothly. A well-functioning business network promotes well-being at work and creates an efficient working environment. You should always invest in a high-quality network when you want the company to succeed.

  • Deliveries include wireless network design and installation
    – the best locations for access stations according to network coverage and capacity are sought
  • The customer can manage the wireless network themselves or we offer network maintenance, changes and updates as a service
  • Base stations for outdoor and indoor use, as well as radio links between buildings
  • High-quality and fast overall service

DigiCenter’s reliable and fast experts build a wireless network solution that suits your company’s needs. As an expert, we ensure that you can focus on your business in peace. DigiCenter’s solutions scale to suit your company’s needs.

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